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Thousands of Gold Coast children have boosted their confidence or developed laser sharp focus with our martial arts programs.
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Give your child the gift of confidence this new school year...
If you're a caring parent living on the Gold Coast and your child is experiencing any of the following:

•   Suffers from shyness
 •  Lacks confidence
 •  Has low or no co-ordination
 •  Is not sure how to join an established group
 •  Has trouble making friends at school or in the playground
 •  Doesn't enjoy team sports or activities

Then you need to hear Anna's story.

Anna was in a similar position... Her son wasn't interested in main stream sports or activities - he was painfully shy, wouldn't hold his head high and look people in the eye. He really lacked confidence and Anna knew that something needed to be done now!

And things were only getting worse.  In fact, just before Anna brought him along to class his low confidence was spiralling out of control. She knew 
that if it continued like this it would affect his results at school and he would find it hard to make new friends as easily as other children.  Anna knew that martial arts classes was a possible option, but she was sceptical due to stories she had heard about intimidating instructors, overly large classes with little supervision, and kids of all ages thrown into one class together.

But it was finding the right martial arts school and instructor that now allows Anna to never worry about those things ever again!

Her son is now a confident teenager who enjoys a healthy balanced life. He excels at anything he tries his hand at, including team sports. The impact of his improved self confidence has meant a big jump in his school grades, and socially he is a popular kid. He's continued his martial arts training and is now a Taekwondo red belt, with a goal set to be a sports journalist when he finishes school.

And you have a great opportunity to share these benefits with your child too!

But this is a limited opportunity only available to those parents who act quickly as we like to keep our classes quite small and so we only have 17 spaces in Burleigh right now.
Check Out Our Beginners Class Timetable
5 Classes + FREE Uniform Only $39.99
(Uniform Valued at $79)
Hear What Gold Coast Parents Are Saying!
"...and this was life-changing!"
I cannot recommend Black Belt Plus highly enough. My son has been badly bullied and humiliated from his first day of school, he had no self confidence and thought everything was his fault. After just one month of training my son was happy, more confident and determined to turn his life around. Last Thursday he completed his 100th lesson. Today he is a happy, well adjusted, confident, outgoing individual who stands up for himself and others. This program not only improved his mental and physical self but his grades as well. He has gone from strength to strength and now believes he can accomplish anything. Black Belt Plus went above and beyond to help, with anti-bullying workshops, private lessons and unconditional support and praise.  

Patricia Young (Shamus' mum)
" brought tears to my eyes"
I just want to say it brought tears to my eyes to see my son Joshua do so well in class tonight. I saw him do things I’ve not seen him doing before, and I can see his 100% effort and determination. His instructor is such a great role model and Joshua looks up to him a lot. Black Belt Plus is such a great dojo. I’ve never seen a place where staff are so friendly, they go out of their way to help you and even send out notes to say thank you, and different commendations which inspire kids to do more. Thank you for being a part of our son’s great discipline and fitness.

Analiza Bray (Josh & Brooke's mum)
"...he has come a long way"
Jake was so excited to achieve his red jacket for the SWAT team last night.  With perseverance, commitment and a positive attitude, he has come a long way from the quiet and extremely shy Little Ninja of years ago.  Thanks to his instructors for helping him along his journey.  He really does love his martial arts! 

Mel Wheaton (Jake's mum)

" grateful to have found you"
We want to say how special you make Jackson feel and we appreciate the effort you guys put in for the enjoyment and development of our child. It has been such a perfect fit for Jackson after years of trying soccer, cricket, gymnastics and trampolining, this is finally "his thing". Jackson really is dedicated for the long term and just loves it so much. You can always ask him to help you with anything you need and I'm sure he would rise to the challenge.  He plays chess also which has amazed us in his concentration for that.  We are so grateful to have found your wonderful welcoming place. 

Deb Bürgermeister (Jackson's mum)
Every Class Develops These Skills in Your Child
After just a few classes you'll see an improvement in your child's confidence. Everyone trains at their own pace. Gentle encouragement with partner drills and lots of fun in the classes encourages shy children to participate.  Improved confidence is one of the messages we hear from parents weekly!  Our age-specific curriculum is designed to ensure children with all levels of fitness and co-ordination can achieve, and at their own pace.  The belt ranking system is a fantastic tool to develop confidence.  Children are constantly working towards their next goal and our systems teach them how to set new goals, and to achieve them.
Focus & Concentration
Lets face it... as parents we're often competing with different types of technology to get our children's attention. It drives us mad that we have to repeat ourselves so often just to get their response.  We teach our students the "3 Rules of Focus" right in their first class.  Their curriculum is designed to engage even the most active students and we get great results with our "Do It First Attitude". We guarantee you won't be nagging your child for much longer!  Our "mat chats" deliver age appropriate personal development.   Students who learn to focus achieve better results at school. "If my child doesn't listen to me at home, I wonder how much is he/she missing at school?"
Social Skills
Watching a group of children interact can be hilarious - except if you're "the embarrassed mum"!  Our classes work on developing amazing social and emotional skills in our students which includes working within a well controlled group, showing respect for others, ignoring other's distracting behaviour, using good manners (in our dojo, at home & school), losing and winning graciously, working with the opposite sex... Plus lots more
Fun Fitness
The unique thing about our programs, is that it suits most kids.  If your child is not the sporty type, or interested in team sports, don't worry! In every class we work on co-ordination, aerobic fitness, balance, strength, speed and gross motor skills.  Class plans are never boring and they are created to meet the needs of the physical, social and emotional development of children in the 7-11 and 12+ age groups.  Everyone goes at their own pace and students have so much fun in class that they don't realise they are learning such valuable life lessons.  It's really fitness with a purpose!
We're a Great Community
Many families have cultivated valuable friendships as a result of their children training at our dojo.  We have regular events for students and their friends including beach training, movie nights, graduations, birthday parties, discos, and all other excuses to get the children together.  We pride ourselves on being one big happy family!
By the Way...
Passionate Instructors
Most instructors have been teaching with us for 10+ years, after starting their own training as very young students!  Our instructors undergo rigorous training and education programs, and are great role models for students.  They are full time career instructors, and also members of the Martial Arts Industry Association, hold Qld Govt Blue Card safety clearance, and are first aid qualified.
Clean, Safe Training Facility
As soon as you step into our dojo you will notice it smells great!  We spend hours each week ensuring our non-slip flooring is sterilised (thanks to a $3K machine - we don't rely on just mops and buckets). Plus all other areas of the dojo are clean, well maintained and designed for safety.  Our training equipment is top quality and customised to suit our different age-specific programs.  
Will this make my child aggressive?
Absolutely not! Our curriculum and delivery methods ensure we are clear about not misusing our martial arts skills. In fact our students are taught to avoid conflict plus follow a simple 3-step process if someone is being unkind or bullying them - without laying a finger on them. Our classes provide children with loads of energy to have a safe, controlled environment to expel it, with strict parameters as we teach them self control and self discipline. We also have a zero tolerance of hurting others! We always teach peaceful outcomes.
Is this for girls?
Yes it is!  In fact many of our classes have equal nos. boys and girls. Some of our most powerful, flexible and determined martial artists are girls.  Each class we partner students with the same sex where possible. Our classes are so much fun and girls don't feel intimidated or annoyed by having boys in their class!
What if my child isn't sporty?
Team sports are intimidating for non-sporty types and "sitting on the bench" for half a season can damage a child's self esteem.  The beauty of a good martial arts program is that every child progresses at their own pace.  We have a structured reward system for short term and longer term goal achievements.  Many of our not-so-sporty students excel in our character development program which also has rewards.  Every student has the opportunity to shine!
How safe is this?
On the safety scale, it's reported as safer than ballroom dancing!  We have a purpose built facility with safety flooring, well maintained age-appropriate training aids, and a curriculum to suit the needs of each program.  Our classes are lots of fun but well controlled.  We cap our classes to ensure the instructor/student ratios are low. Many classes have more than one instructor.
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5 Classes + FREE Uniform Only $39.99
(Uniform Valued at $79)

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